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Solis Cloud Platform is a completely new way of studying business English from your phone, tablet, or desktop


Study at your own pace without pressure.

Study anywhere, anytime.

Connect with a qualified, experienced communication instructor.

Gain access to executive-level materials.

Learn natural business expressions and techniques

Get support and advice for your business tasks



Solis Cloud Workshop connects students to an expert instructor and offers you your own customized course based on your job needs.

You can access your course through email or through the Google Classroom app.

Solis is the most flexible course ever created. You can decide what you want to learn and complete the course whenever you want, as much as you want.

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Flexible, Customized, Natural


You will learn any aspect of English business communication which is useful for your job.

We will work with you to design a course that gives you what you need using Cloudfiles sent directly to you via Email or on Google Classroom.

Cloud Files are detailed guides for specific business situations. They contain multimedia and can be used on mobile, pad or desktop. Currently there are 100+ cloud files on business skills from introducing a colleague to structuring a presentation. Each cloud file come with an interactive assignment for you to complete. A complete list of cloud files can be found here.    



Discover the best methods of both informative and persuasive presentations.

Office Communication

Become a master  of natural communication in a company environment.


Techniques, language and theory to guarantee a better outcome.


Detailed templates and guides to deal with any email.


Learn to facilitate and participate effectively in meetings.

Communication Culture

Gain awareness of differences in how different nationalities around the world interact in the workplace.

Learn the techniques and structuring of persuasive and informative presentations

Take control of meetings and be an active particpant



Director and Chief Instructor of Solis
United Kingdom -Tokyo, Japan

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British National, based in Tokyo

Your Instructor


Alexander is a global business communication instructor from the UK. He has worked alongside top Japanese companies giving seminars, providing one-to-one training to executives and selected staff.
He works with Tokyo-based training companies conducting research, creating guides and textbooks for their training programs.

The objective is always the same: to improve communication skills to a global standard.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact him at


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